Russ Loomis

1413 West Road, Williamsburg, MA  01096

The beauty of 18th century furniture is not only in its age and design, but also in the way that it was constructed. To produce furniture today that is equally pleasing, I use the same materials, tooling and construction, and finishes.

Construction begins with natural hardwoods. Each piece of wood is unique, and this distinction is used to enhance the overall design. Well constructed furniture allows for the fact that wood moves over time, changing its shape and appearance through the seasons.

I use traditional tooling and construction methods. Powered machinery, although fast and effective, can never give the charm and individuality gained when the artist studies the wood, visualizes with the mind's eye what is inside the grain, and through the hand is able to bring out its character.

The final stage brings a piece of furniture to its full elegance. Shellac, varnish, oils, and wax were used to enhance and protect some of the finest furniture ever made. In order to make pieces with the same look and feel, I use those same traditional finishes.

Like my ancestor Samuel Loomis (1748 - 1814), who built some of the finest furniture of his day, I create original designs to fit my clients' needs. This process is both personal and time consuming. So, too, is the process of hand shaping, joining, and finishing that brings the design into being. It is this combination of traditional workmanship and individual design that sets my furniture apart. To own a piece of my furniture is to own an heirloom.


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