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Life Recycled

The first introduction to a bicycle is hurdling the impossible challenge of balance and speed. A few bruises later the discovery of a freedom, that was unknown, opens up with a first solo wandering from home. Soon, somewhere in the near distance of time this freedom is transferred when a car brings you farther away leaving childhood back in the distance.

Life as an adult loses the freedom. Life gets in the way. Routine sets in and with time memories return with a longing for childhood and the freedom of riding a bike. A bicycle is purchased and the rediscovery begins.

The package of time is packed full to the point of burst. Something must go but not this new bicycle and the relief it brings. So the bicycle replaces the car. Life slows down. There is time to evaluate. The bicycle, as before in childhood, give a new meaning to life and traveling farther from home.


If life gives you lemons don’t look a gift horse in the mouth with sour grapes. Take that lemon for a ride while remembering that you got what you paid for.  You spent nothing so enjoy the ride until it breaks down. It might turn out to be not bad for the price.