3/30/24 Waiting

March 30, my birthday. It is amazing how fast seventy-two years have slipped behind me. I am here with CK waiting to start my trek west to be with Nancy again. She is home eager to leave for Colorado in early June. I am in Delaware waiting to head to Colorado in four days.

My original plan was to tour Delaware State Parks, an annual event since 2022, and then start riding west when the C&O Trail opens for the year. We cut the early tour short by a few days due to heavy cold rain. This decision added three days to the break between tours.

I have now delayed my start yet another three days to April 4 to avoid more cold rain. As it now stands I will have warm dry days to begin my journey.

(K)nightly walks with Diamond a.k.a Little Black Dog.


3/26/24 Redden to van

We have been watching the weather and made the decision to end our tour early, ending warm and dry. I will get more than enough rain as I head west.

Today is another short day so we enjoyed a relaxed breakfast before breaking camp. Once on the road we enjoyed nice country roads with hints of Spring colors. The trees and plants are waking up for the new season.

We stopped in Milford for lunch. We found this restaurant last year and the food is too good to not stop.

We explored some new roads on the way and one took us to the ocean, Big Rock Beach.

We got back to the van, loaded, and drove to CK’s house. Now I get ready to continue west to meet up with Nancy in mid June.

The drive to Newark, DE.


Day 2: Henlopen to Redden

We have a short day so we plan a late start. It was cold last night and into this morning so a long time was spent in the tent. After crawling out of our tents we enjoy a leisurely breakfast with plenty of coffee. Before leave we had a long visit with the camp host about touring cross country.

We head inland leaving the coast behind.

Into camp and set up more time to eat and relax.


3/24/24 to Henlopen,DE

Heading to the start!

Today is getting ready to tour West. Making sure my gear feels right as I ride. Also to reacquaint myself to riding with a full load of sixty pounds.

The day, cool to cold with strong wind.

It is nice to just sit under the moon and talk.