4/27/24 York to Columbia,PA

After a wonderful stay I pack up to leave York for Columbia. Paul rides out with me to where I am outside and east of the busy city streets. Paul guides me to my route on nice less busy roads. This was complicated a bit because a section of the bike trail we were taking was being used for a race and the runners were coming toward us. Paul knew a good work-a-round which brought us to a city park that was donated by the Penn family. There is a lot of history here, on the park the Union Army had a hospital here during the Civil War.

When we got to the route Paul headed home. Thank you Paul for guiding me out of town.

I crossed the Susquehanna River and rode to the MW Lancaster County River Trail Visitor Center. Next door is a great coffee shop, I stop and get a Danish and fill my water bottle with coffee. I am now under the pavilion enjoying the coffee and Danish while I wait for CK to arrive. I will visit him for a few days.