Tentist and the Teapot

Hebron, ND.

A 75 mile ride on the prairie. Steady 20 mph wind from the southwest, I was going east so I didn’t mind. I made it to Hebron mid afternoon. The rear tire got a puncture that I didn’t notice until I arrived at City Park where I camp tonight. After plugging the cut and added sealant there was plenty of time to relax out of the wind in the shelter.

Home for tonight
Tentist and the Teapot

Medora, ND.

Back to riding! I am riding out the last miles of Montana.

It’s amazing how the scenery changes from state to state. It’s not just here, it’s been the case for the entire tour. North Dakota, from the small bit I’ve seen, has more color.

I race a train as I head into Medora.

The train wins.

I am now settled in for the night. Tomorrow is another early day.

Tentist and the Teapot

Makoshika State Park, ND.

Route 200 is under construction and my update for my map advises me to arrange for someone to ferry me through the work area. I am so glad that Nancy is here and willing to do this. This section is wet and greasy with mud composed of silt from an ancient ocean floor. The car but mostly the camper is covered with two inch mud.

Nancy was able to scrape some mud with an ice scraper, but not all

We had a late start due to a flat on the camper. I pumped it enough with my bicycle pump to tow it into town to have it repaired. This set us back two hours. With the time lost from the tire and ferrying there was not much point to spend the night at the planned sleep spot. After discussing the options I chose to ride to Nancy’s reserved campsite in Makoshika State Park. This option allows me to hike with her in the Badlands.

A Vertebrae being excavated
Tentist and the Teapot

Hell Creek, MT.

Nancy and I drove to Hell Creek with the doggies. The 25 miles on gravel was very rough jarring. I’m pretty sure I still have all the fillings in my teeth that I started with. Enjoy the views, the trip was definitely worth the bouncing.

After that we stopped into the Dinosaur Museum on our way back to the campground. There is a lot of history here, the curators are the people that discovered the first complete T-Rex skeleton It was discovered in 1988 by Kathy Wankel and her husband Tom. T-Rex remains are only found here in the Hell Creek area.

Scooby rides a T-Rex bronco
Tentist and the Teapot

Jordan, MT.

The sun was rising as I set off in the cool morning air. With a long day ahead, 76 miles, the early start would get me to Jordan, MT. late afternoon.

I stopped at a rest area just past Mosby to have a snack and read the historical exhibits.

Sand Springs was my lunch stop. A small town of eight residents and big in services for cycling tourists. The one main building housed a gas station, store, cafe, and post office. This building also had a restroom and shower for who chose to camp behind the building.

Leaving this small town to continue my way to Jordan I enjoyed a brief sprinkle. The wind began to pick up, this was not enjoyed.

With 32 more miles to finish the day, I plowed through the wind. I reached Jordan and few hours behind my prediction with time to relax and shower before dinner at a local restaurant/bar with Nancy.

Tomorrow we will visit and explore Hell Creek.

Tentist and the Teapot

Winnett, MT.

I started the day climbing over the Judith Mountains, it was cool for the first few hours.

Soon it was 90° and rising. I arrived in Winnett and found a place to sleep, the Northern Motel and RV Park.

Tentist and the Teapot

Lewistown, MT.

I packed up and left my little cabin behind and crossed the road for breakfast at the cafe/casino/bar/gas station, the only game in town. The morning was cool with some light sprinkles. Lewistown is 45 miles away so I didn’t need to hurry or leave early. Check in is 3 PM at the Yogo Inn so the compromise is to get there before it gets hot and not so early that I wait too long  to check in.

Riding the road that stretches ahead forever a car slow while passing and the passenger asks, “Are you the guy that started in Delaware and is now riding back to Massachusetts? Surprised, I told him yes and he told me to enjoy the trip and be safe. The car sped down the road.

I got into town at 1 PM just before the heat builds. I decided that a 2 hour wait in a cool lobby is the better choice. This is where the problems begin. Last night the Inn was booked full with a wedding of 300. This morning only 2 of the 8 cleaning staff showed up to work so my room was not ready at 3 PM and not until 4 PM was I able to get into my room. I thanked the two women and told them that without their persistence I would not have a place to sleep. The elder apologized because I overheard her swearing and complaining about the situation. She said that’s life, either sunshine or shit. I told her that life needs shit to fertilize it. She smiled and cried, and we hugged.

I went to my room with my bike and gear and then went to the Big Spring Brewery across the street for dinner. I had a fabulous meal while telling my story to the waitstaff. They mentioned to the owner and the IPA was on house.

Tentist and the Teapot

Stanford, MT.

I set out again after a nice breakfast, Nancy cooked eggs as I got my gear packed and ready. Back on the route the sun began heating the day. Nancy also was also getting ready to move to her next campground, Hells Creek. Just before Belt, MT. she drove by with the horn blowing and light flashing and pulled to the roadside and stopped. She handed me a cold Dr. Pepper, perfect, I was already thirsty.

A bit later I followed my route off Route 200 onto a nice side road into the Gem of a small town, Belt. I stopped at the grocery and got some eats and drinks. Before leaving, a man struck up a conversation about bicycles, touring, and good beers. Belt has a very good brewery in town with a very good Porter, on his word I haven’t tasted it, called Pig’s Ass Porter.

It didn’t take long before the heat emptied my water supply, I drank a lot of water today. I ran out with 10 miles to go and no place to refill. I saw a pickup parked on the roadside and as I approached a young man flagged me over to offer me water. I thanked him while refilling both bottles and drinking the Gatorade he handed me. We had a nice conversation before he dove off, he was going home to Tennessee.

Finally getting to Stanford I checked into my cabin for the night, this RV Park does not have tent sites.

Tentist and the Teapot

Great Falls, MT.

It was a long hot day getting into Great Fall, MT. I left at 7:00AM so I could arrive mid afternoon.

My route joined the Lewis and Clark Trail and I enjoyed reading the Points of History along the way.

Nancy was at an Art Show in town when I got to the site so I let the happy room see me dogs out and we sat in the shade waiting for Nancy’s return.

After dinner we went to the nightly camp concert with the dogs. All four of us enjoyed the evening.

I stayed an extra day to join Nancy re visiting the art show and after we explored the Lewis and Clark Center.

Tentist and the Teapot

Conrad, MT.

Not much here, just me in the middle of a vast nothingness.

Two Medicine River, the site where Lewis and Clark fought with Blackfeet over guns snd horses.

Staying the night in Conrad, MT.